Build Back Stupidder

Congress wants to spend 3.5 Trillion dollars to "build back better". Are they for real? Burning taxpayer money on climate fraud and social justice. Biden says this will cost us zero. He should ask his son what some of his "artwork" is selling for.


Some years ago the economy of the country of Moldova completely collapsed because too many of its people got defrauded from a Ponzi scheme. A few decades ago the RI credit union system completely collapsed because a crook ran away with the money and the state wouldn't bail it out. (Let them eat ice cream.) Congressman Cicilline bought their bank building. Appropriate.


And a few days ago a new crypto currency disappeared into the ethers, taking all of the "investors'" money. Unlike regular money or gold, crypto currencies aren't backed by anything. Good luck with that.


Now we want to spend trillions of dollars fixing "climate change", a concept that couldn't even pass grade school science. Ever hear of photosynthesis? CO2 plus sunlight striking plants produces sugar (the plant food we eat) and oxygen (the air we breathe).


The "Climate Optimum", 5,000 - 8,000 years ago, was several degrees warmer than today. It was called "Optimum" because it was a warm period in the bitterly cold Ice Age. It ushered in the time of the Egyptian pyramids and the birth of other civilizations at the dawn of human history. On a temperature graph, ultra left wing Wikipedia puts a question mark after the term Climate change people have invented a new term "Altithermal" for this period, because they don't want to think of warmer temperatures as being optimal. Then again, they never lived through such coldness as during the Ice Age. During the last few million years, 80% of the time it has been bitterly cold.


Settled science? Google and YouTube are so scared of dissenting thought, that they've partially banned it from their websites.


And I laugh at Covid maskers and vaxers telling everyone to "follow the science". Covid is so new, that nobody is sure yet what the science really is. At best, people are making educated guesses. With the heavily censored social media, they only want us to follow the politically correct science.