Republican running for US House RI-1 in 2022

Before the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton's supporters paid millions for piles of gossip on Trump that the Russians threw together. (Why so expensive? The costs of laundering the money. Hillary wouldn't want people to think that she's colluding with the Russians.) This got spoon fed to the FBI, to allow the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign, and push the current Trump/Russia hysteria. Lying under oath to the US FISA court to spy on the Trump campaign? Tisk!

Normally, the deep state, led by the FBI and Justice Department, asks the new President what his priorities are, and changes direction accordingly. This didn't happen with Trump. Obama had politicized the deep state so thoroughly, that the deep state remained overtly pro-Obama.


The Deep State played Mohammad Ali style rope a dope with Trump before Trump knew what hit him. Trump's problem was that he hadn't fathomed how truly evil they are. But now that their good friend Biden is in office, it's all back to normal. Just as long as Democrats get elected.

The deepest of the deep state. He just knows he isn't going to jail. Reminds me of when my pet dog stole the dinner roast.

Here is a sample of deep state work from an unbiased source.

Of course David Cicilline doesn't believe in the deep state just like the Mafia his dad continuously defended.

And here is David Cicilline defending Bruce Ohr. Is Bruce's wife still working for Fusion GPS? They compiled the Russian gossip, paid for by the Clinton campaign, that Bruce, in the Department of Justice, fed to the FISA court to allow the Obama administration's Susan Rice to "unmask" the identities of Trump's campaign staff, to spy on them. The problem with throwing Bruce Ohr and his cronies in jail (for starters, attempting to overthrow the US government) is that, irony of all ironies, Trump would have to pardon them all, to save American democracy, similar to Gerald Ford exonerating Richard Nixon.

But "David is fighting to address climate change and the undeniable science that tells us carbon pollution is threatening the health of our environment and the public."