Chaos Strikes In Copper-Town


Right now the science is telling us that Covid was intentionally engineered by man. If this were not so, we would see very similar natural viruses in the biological world. There are none.


Australia insisted China let in serious investigators to examine the origins of Covid. China went paranoid. It's becoming increasingly clear that China intentionally released Covid onto the world as a biological weapon. The first noted release of what was probably Covid was at a Chinese sponsored military athletic event which had much international participation. In other words, a planned super spreader event.


Here's an article on this: This isn't any funky Q-style conspiracy theory. The super spreader event was in October, 2019, which was months before the theoretical start of the virus. There are a zillion articles on this on the internet. According to the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee (Cicilline, do you ever pay any attention to this stuff?) the virus started at least a month earlier than that.


China was getting most of its coal from Australia. China declared a trade war with Australia over Australia's search foe the origins of the virus.


China went scrambling for other sources of coal for its electricity and metal smelting. Unable to quickly replace all of Australia's coal, China reduced quotas for power production and metal smelting, claiming they suddenly got religion on climate change. Fat chance. Much of the world's metals are smelted into the finished metals in China. Across the board, metal prices, such as for copper and aluminum, have gone through the roof. Blame it on Covid.


Simultaneously coal and natural gas prices are going through the roof in Europe. You can pick a variety of reasons, but much of this is from Europe having expected renewable energy sources to replace these. But this won't happen in my lifetime. Expecting a cold winter, Europe is scrambling for the dirtiest of the hydrocarbons to keep them warm.