Chinese state-run site proposes ‘final solution to the Taiwan question'


The Chinese have a way of mocking the public's perception of them by pushing articles which are initially deemed too absurd to be true, that it will discredit people to quote them. After all, nobody's that evil, are they? I'm game. The Chinese leadership really is that evil.


With the world's economies sinking down the tubes because of China's biological warfare experiments, we've given the Chinese the benefit of the doubt for too long. So we've been behind in the game. Let's move forward.


Flash Gordon, in the 1930s, got it right. Ming the Merciless watches the test of a new poison that kills only the intelligent people, but doesn't harm morons. Move this to a battlefield environment, and the goal becomes disabling the enemy. And who is the enemy? How about those millions of Uyghurs in the Chinese concentration camps. The perfect environment to test biological weapons. As China always says: "You can't prove that."


There are millions dead, and it's increasingly looking to have been intentionally caused by China's President, Xi. Maybe future generations will call him Mister Measles. I wouldn't want our athletes at his next Olympics unless they were wearing space suits for protection.