Michael Flynn Reportedly Calls QAnon A 'CIA Disinformation Campaign'




Trump’s General Flynn was so good that the Deep State crowd spent incredible effort getting rid of him. General Flynn would have been the equivalent of General Patton taking over the Deep State. And with the Trump/Russia scam circulating, even Hillary would have difficulty staying out of jail.


General Flynn spent millions of dollars in legal fees defending against a perjury charge that not even his prosecutors thought to be real. His Deep State persecutors should be thrown in jail, with their ill-gotten riches seized in restitution for Flynn's legal fees. There is something to look towards in the future, now that the Deep State Trump/Russia hoaxsters are staring at jail time, compliments of Special Counsel Durham. And the fun is only beginning.



Flynn guesses that QAnon was created by the CIA as counter intelligence. I’ve thought about it. It looks like counter intelligence, where you mix real intel in with bogus info. Who would do this? If a foreign government tried doing this to the US, the CIA would be all over it. That makes it internal US. There are only two big possibilities: the Deep State or the Democrats, in both instances to discredit the Republicans and to provide cover for the Trump/Russia scam. The problem with it being the Democrats is that there’s too much real intel in QAnon. That makes it the American Deep State, and this is exactly what the CIA is most practiced at doing.



General Flynn is a genius, and I hope that Trump brings him into his next administration, if the Deep State doesn’t whack him first.