Sheldon Whitehouse still doesn't understanding photosynthesis

Even ultra left wing Wikipedia doesn't deny photosynthesis:


(Twitter tagged this picture, from Wikipedia, on my Twitter account as being too sensitive, before they "accidentally" deleted my Twitter account for most of a year. When I finally got access to it, virtually every criticism of Democrats and climate fraud had been deleted. Trying to clean up the remnants, very many of my tweets had become impossible to delete. So I made the header on my Twitter page very insulting to Mr. Jack, so they formally deleted my account for breaking unspecified rules.)


I thought Sheldon was wandering away from his climate fraud, but here he is back at it again, lecturing the Senate. This is from his Twitter account, if he doesn't destroy the link. How does he expect to convince anyone if he doesn't haul out his high school yearbooks?

Here he's complaining about a right wing conspiracy to deny climate change. He doesn't realize that we are in a geologically brief warm period of the Ice Age. That CO2 is required for green plants to grow. That there has been many times more CO2 in the past. etc, etc, etc


All this dark money! Jeff Bezos contributes ten billion dollars to promote climate fraud. Sheldon Whitehouse wants to piss away trillions of your taxpayer dollars on pushing it. Al Gore has made millions of dollars off of it.


There is a bright spot. Per One America News: "Virginia Republican governor-elect pledges to remove state from regional carbon market". Somebody deleted the original article I pointed to. How did that happen? Here's an article that says similar: The Northeast US regional carbon cap and trade system, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), effectively taxes CO2 and adds the extra costs to utility bills. Not no more in Virginia. Thank God (you know the thing) someone in politics can think straight!