Ukraine, Oil, & Gas

A few weeks ago Joe Biden (Hunter, are you going to give back that $3,500,000 to that Russian oligarch's wife?) begged the Russians & Saudis to pump more oil. Biden has done his best to try to shut down the American oil & gas industry: shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, halting oil & gas exploration on federal land, etc. He thinks that this will help keep the world from getting warmer. We're currently in a brief warm period of the Ice Age. Look it up, idiot!


Europe has gambled heavily on renewable energy. Persistently cloudy Germany bet heavily on solar energy. If they could produce enough solar energy, they'd still have to build the giant battery cells to store the energy, so that  civilization doesn't shut down at night time. Europe has screwed up so badly on this, that dirty coal has made a hell of a comeback. Forget renewable energy, the coal mines that the "green" people tried to shut down currently have difficulty keeping up with demand.


And Joe Biden continues to encourage Russia to export its oil and gas. This provides the money financing Russia's war.


America tried to stay out of World War II. But FDR embargoed exports of oil to Japan, so they wouldn't continue propelling Japan's war machine in the Far East. Japan's response? They bombed Pearl Harbor.


Poland had to fight the USSR for its independence at the end of World War I. It was not the dog in the fight, it was the fight in the dog. Ukraine looks ready to fight it out also.


The US and Europe should either completely embargo Russian oil and gas, or it should stay out of the war. We don't need another cold war. Let the militaries of the West worry about whether everyone is using the proper pronouns, instead.