If you're getting your political info from Wikipedia, you probably aren't voting for me anyway. I was kicked off of Twitter "by accident" before even Trump was. In the election for US House RI-1, ultra-left Wikipedia has me listed as

  • Fred Wysocki, investment consultant, Republican candidate for this district in 2018, and Independent candidate for this district in 2020[6]"



They are citing https://politics1.com/ri.htm


Needless to say, I have never told anyone ever that I have declined to run for this office. A few weeks ago, I wasn't listed on this website. Currently I'm properly listed as running as a Republican. Let's see if Wikipedia ever corrects their error. Being from Wikipedia, they may even get me some votes.


Main stream media likes to present wild conspiracy theories (Trump/Russia dossier, non laboratory creation of Wuhan virus) as facts, and present real facts (Hunter Biden's laptop, 2020 election fraud) to be wild conspiracy theories. This has caused US main stream media to become the least trusted in the world.  https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2022/06/24/nolte-survey-shows-america-has-least-trusted-media-on-planet-earth/


Main stream media tends to hate me because I'm a Republican. Also because I take issue with CO2 being harmful. (Read up on photosynthesis.) The Democrats moved so far to the left that I had to become a Republican. My Harvard major in Geology forces me to realize that the current climate change hysteria is just smoke and mirrors. (See https://www.fred4congress.com/climate-reality/) I'm a normal American with a normal set of values. I ask for your vote.