Republican Candidate for US House 1st Congressional District

Today I formally submitted my paperwork to run for office as Republican candidate for US House of Representatives Rhode Island 1st Congressional District.

(Eastern Rhode Island.)


In the past I've used this blog to write on foreign issues, a  topic dear to me. Going forward, I will be focusing closer to home.


There will be a Republican primary to decide who runs against David Cicilline.


To vote for me in the primary you must be registered by August 14th. In practical terms, you should visit your town hall probably by 4 PM on Friday, August 12th. The easy solution is to do it now.


RI has pretty good resources to help turn you into an active voter. Visit them at


The actual election is Tuesday, September 13th. Winning the primary, you will get to vote for me again on Tuesday, November 8th.


Until then, I will regularly post to this blog. Check it out at least once a week and you will always find something interesting.


Fred Wysocki