RI Politics

In the past few elections, the RI Republican Party never wanted to run for US Congress. By the grace of God, Allan Fung has decided to run for US House RI-2. I wish Allan the best of luck.


The RI Republican Party has decided to endorse Allan Waters for RI-2. This is taking a knee in the election. It is too late for the Republican Party to un-endorse him, like in 2020. I could stay in the election and, with a ton of money and effort, perhaps even defeat him in the primary. But why?


I realize that I would not defeat David Cicilline for RI-1 in 2022. My purpose in this election is to build RI name recognition to defeat Sheldon Whitehouse in the 2024 elections. I don't want to squander resources in 2022. So I will spare my efforts in this election cycle.


Since, like Bob Lancia, Allen Waters is not a serious candidate (a candidate designed to win), I wish David Cicilline the best of luck in fighting for the welfare of Rhode Islanders.