Planet Earth to Sheldon Whitehouse

Sheldon Whitehouse is back to his climate fraud fear mongering.


Besides countless problems with the data itself, the "normal" temperatures, that climate fraud people refer to, are from times when the earth was in an Ice Age.


Don't believe me? Look it up! The earth has been in an Ice Age for the last few million years. We still are. We're just in one of the relatively short warm "inter glacial" periods. Current cold/warm ice age cycles span around 100,000 years.. Think of these as cold, cold, cold, cold, warm cycles, to do justice to the time spans involved.


Most of the climate change comparisons refer to a period of a few hundred years known as the "Little Ice Age", which ended around 1850. Hockey stick shaped charts like to fudge it away as having never existed. Ask the Norsemen. They got frozen out of Greenland during the Little Ice Age.


All that rocky soil in northern Europe and America? The rocks are from glaciers that had transported them there. Not from a zillion years ago. The most recent cold part of the Ice Age ended 11,700 years ago. The rocks were deposited to where they are now from melting glaciers. Like Cape Cod? It was formed from rock debris from the edge of a melting glacier. You can argue back and forth about the vitality of polar bears. But Cape Cod? It is there.


Compared to normal Ice Age temperatures, I like it warm. Or would you rather live in an igloo?


Perhaps CO2 helps produce warm temperatures? It would be nice, but the evidence is spotty at best. It is known that warm temperatures increase CO2. The CO2 gets mildly boiled out of sea water.


The climate models showing CO2 warming the earth? The models depend on water vapor for virtually all of the warming. And the climate fraudsters haven't figured out the impact of clouds yet. Maybe they will have this figured out by the time the world turns cold again. Of course, all the climate fraudsters have to do is put a negative number in for a time value, and this should fix it.