Sri Lankan troops stand by as protestors occupy PM's office

The effects of climate change.


Sri Lanka has historically been known to the world as Ceylon, a populous island nation off the southern tip of India.


Their Socialist government took climate change seriously. So they re-structured their economy to prevent climate change. And, guess what? The country's whole economy collapsed. The country has since reversed its climate change policies, but not before the damage was done.


The nation defaulted on its international debt in April. Forget about gasoline being expensive. It's virtually impossible to get gasoline there. The national government shut down businesses and schools, basically the whole country's economy. There is no gasoline anywhere to commute, and no foreign exchange money to buy it with.


Long running demonstrations finally descended on the government buildings. (Democrats: No January 6th. This is the real thing.) The President fled the country and resigned.


You could think that this was worth it to prevent climate change. If climate change was real. But it ain't.  Think of it as a whole nation's houses fell down because everyone was widening their chimneys for fat Santa Claus to fit down.


Germany isn't as bad. It intends to thwart roving black outs and a freezing cold winter by ramping up coal powered electric utilities.