US urges rejection of Myanmar junta 'sham' elections


Life is cheap to America's Deep State. After pushing through sham US elections that even Fidel Castro would have been proud of, they want the people of Myanmar (f/k/a Burma) to reject their upcoming elections.


Myanmar has been continuously fighting ethnic armies for longer than I've been alive. The country's military, assigned as guardian of their country, overthrew their 2021 elections. They said there was massive voter fraud by the winners, the NLD (National League for Democracy, Communists by another name). Who does the military think they are, Donald Trump?


NLD supporters have set up a shadow government, called NUG, the National Unity Government. Their idea of unity is to unite the NUG's PDFs (People's Defense Forces, who have been whacking political opponents with impunity) with the ethnic armies to form one consolidated army in a grand civil war. The NLD didn't give two shits about the ethnic armies while the NLD was in power. Now the NLD wants the ethnic armies to fight for them. In practical terms, they just want someone else to blame when their killings aren't politically correct.


The military government wants peace. They have a plan.


The NUG has an alternate plan: please send us weapons.


The US has had a Korea, a Vietnam, an Iraq, an Afghanistan, currently a Ukraine, and the US Deep State is drooling to get us into a Myanmar.