Trump accuses Biden of knowing about ‘coordinated attack’ after FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago


The FBI raid on Trump's home is just a few days after "US urges rejection of Myanmar junta 'sham' elections"

The US, in having Biden as President, is really no different than Burma's "democracy" situation for the last several decades. The real difference is in the mindset of the people.


In reality, the Deep State has ruled America for very many years. They screwed up when Trump got elected. Trump got elected because the Deep State was so sure of Hillary's victory that they got careless. So they decided to neutralize Trump with phony conspiracy after conspiracy, such as Trump/Russia.


Maybe in this one they heard rumor of an overdue library book on Trump's estate that has drawn such a big fine that it is considered a felony. Adam Schiff will assure everyone that Trump, being a felon, can not run for President in 2024.

The American people still believe in the myth of the fairness of their elections. They will go to the polls and throw the Deep State Democrats out of office. There is a limit to the crookedness is American national elections.


Myanmar (f/k/a Burma) does not have a widely held perception of fair elections. The US Deep State is saying that Myanmar's elections are going to be a sham. The Deep State is indeed one of the best judges of sham elections, having created plenty of their own.


The big difference is that Suu Kyi's NLD (National League for Democracy: Communists by another name) think that the American Deep State is going to help them. Wrong!


Besides being complete scum, the American Deep Staters are idiots. The FBI, an active branch of the Deep State, in raiding Trump's home, is virtually guaranteeing landslide victories by the Republicans in 2022 and 2024. If the Burmese NLD does what the American Deep State thinks it should do: boycott the elections, the Burmese generals will declare victory, and things will be like they were before.


The NLD  doesn't need friends like the American Deep State. Neither does Myanmar.