Sheldon Whitehouse covering for the Inflation Acceleration Act

As usual, Sheldon Whitehouse re-invents reality.


Let's see how long it takes him to take this tweet down.


Remember when the Democrats were trying to pass Obamacare? To gain the favor of the pharmaceutical companies, they made it so that Medicare couldn't negotiate the selling price of prescriptions. This cost Medicare and the Americans countless billions of dollars in extra prescription costs. Try knocking the other stuff off of the current proposed legislation, and it will make your head spin as to how fast the Republicans pass it.


Safer planet? Sorry, I don't believe in the great goddess Greta Thunderhead. Remember your grade school science? Plants use CO2 to grow, putting oxygen into the air as a byproduct. I like food, and I like oxygen. If CO2 was much good at warming the earth, it would help keep us out of the cold parts of the current Ice Age that Geologists say we're in.


Inflation Reduction Act? About as clever as climate change "science". They should award Nancy Pelosi a Nobel Prize in Economics for this one. Who would have thunk that you can spend your way out of inflation?


As for the raid on Trump's residence to obtain "illegally" held "classified documents" Trump was the President. He could de-classify any documents he wanted, any day of the week. And he de-classified every document he took with him when he left the White House.


I'm still waiting for the Justice Department to try to retrieve the 30.000 emails that Hillary Clinton erased. And any luck with pulling data from the cell phones she destroyed?


How about Hunter Biden's laptop that the Democrats tried to pass off as Russian propaganda? You know, it could have been, because Hunter Biden thought that his Russian drug dealing friends swiped another of his laptops. Right now Hunter is vacationing with "The Big Guy". Or is this a business meeting to try to get Joe his 10%?