It’s Time to Help Myanmar’s Resistance Prevail

The US Ambassador to Myanmar wants blood, blood, and more blood. Life is cheap to the American Deep State when other people do the dying.


The American Deep State is partial to Aung San Suu Kyi. She came running to help Obama's Deep State push Hillary Clinton into the presidency. Now she sees what it is like coping with Myanmar's (f/k/a Burma) Deep State.


The world pretends that the National League for Democracy aren't Communists. The 2016 edition of "Nations of the World" notes in Myanmar an "extraordinary win by the National Democratic Party", as if they are like Republicans. In reality, they believe in the old fashioned Communism that even China and Russia gave up on. Hard core Socialists.


The brutal Burmese dictatorship? The main differences between them and the American Deep State is that the Americans have excellent public relations, and they're more powerful. Go against the American Deep State (as different from going against America, which is something completely different) and you will find it a struggle just to stay alive.


The elections? America's elections are so honest, that you must be a conspiracy freak just to question them. I ran for office. The vote tallies didn't add up. None of them did. A third grader could poke big holes in the math. And the US is questioning Burma's elections?


And what is the American ambassador's solution? Armed resurrection, fighting, and more fighting. Myanmar has been fighting continuously at least since the 1940s, and the Ambassador wants more.


The National Unity Government? Self appointed war lords that kill anyone who disagrees with them. Here's a sample of daily activities as noted in a "Spring Revolution Daily News":


They're drooling over ever drop of blood they produce.


The US Government should replace Ambassador Scot Marciel with a normal person. And push for peace in Myanmar. As if lives depend upon it.