God Save the Queen

My connection to Queen Elizabeth was little better than Nancy Pelosi's connection to China: "If I dig deep enough..."


My favorite Queen story was of Condoleezza Rice playing the piano for the Queen. I figured the real trick was getting the Queen to play the piano for you.


I always thought that if the Deep State (do they need a reason?) tried hard enough to kill me, that I could seek refuge in Britain. If I were to be whacked in Britain, it would reflect badly on Queen Elizabeth. So she would never sign off on the matter. She was also probably the last person still alive who had contemporary knowledge of the ALSOS decoy story that I'm researching.


I never figured whether the Queen was a harmless old lady, or the driving force behind British policy. Probably somewhere in the middle.


But, unlike her grandson Harry, she took her role as monarch seriously, and did all she could to further the interests of her country. For this, I have unlimited respect for her.


Her son, Charles, has been in training for a few decades now. Let's see what he can do.