RI primary elections are this Tuesday. September 13th.


While I am a Republican, I have more respect for some Democrats than I do for Republicans. When I was younger, I had no particular political affiliation. My philosophy was that if I left the politicians alone, that they would leave me alone. No such luck, so here I am as a Republican politician.


The RI Republican party really doesn't like me. I've repeatedly tried to push them to do something useful. Largely a bunch of deadwood sitting on their rears.


I'm not really the political sort. My goals are two-fold: to keep taxes as low as possible, consistent with maintaining an independent nation, and to push "climate change" into the dustbin of quack "science".


My degree in Geology shows me how absurdly stupid that climate change really is. Let's call it political science, but it's really more like a religion for true believers. The Christians have been waiting 2000 years for the second coming of Christ. AOC has given the world 8 years. As the joke goes, she'll give it another 8 years.


We're stuck with Biden for another two years, unless our (Deep State) law enforcement community decides to throw him in jail, for being the crook that he is.


So we have the midterms. And on Tuesday we have the Republican and Democratic primaries. I've dropped out of my primary. The RI Republican Party dragged me over to a conference just to insult me. I was very fresh out of heart surgery, and I could barely walk and breathe. They wanted me to know that they weren't going to endorse me.


I'm saving my efforts for 2024. I want to take on Sheldon Whitehouse on the issue of climate change. He's been backing away from the issue. He knows that if he loses an election on this issue, it will bode badly for the Democratic Party as a whole. This could make my campaign a magnet for Republican money. Whether this happens is largely a matter of whether in 2024 the national Republicans have the balls to fight the Democrats over this. We shall see.


In the meantime, let's vote the bums out. Step one: primaries this Tuesday. My only favorite is Paul Pence for Lieutenant Governor. I always thought of him as a light weight, until he caused me to look at his website. He is the real deal. Vote for him!