Woonsocket Elections

Sadly, most of the people I just endorsed in Woonsocket lost.


In 2020, 5 conservative candidates united to form a coalition to try to get elected to Woonsocket City Council, and all 5 got elected.


This time, I didn't see any coordinated effort from them. 4 of them ran for re-election. I endorsed them, but this year my endorsement wasn't worth much.


In 2020, many Republicans wanted to know who I was, and I directed everything to point to my website, where I prominently endorsed them. This election I bowed out early in the election, to save my efforts for taking on Sheldon Whitehouse for Senate in 2024.


I did piss off Jeff Bezos before endorsing the 4 candidates. Bezos wastes no effort to piss me off, him being a woke Deep State stooge, so I thought I'd return the compliment. In reply, Wokesters attacked the 4 candidates as a group.


Math makes it such that this could have been an advantage to them. There were 13 candidates, with the top 7 vote getters being elected. The 4 candidates came in as #7, #8, #10, and #11. So only John Ward got elected. A couple of years ago his brother sold his local group of newspapers to a Bezos company, the newspapers soon turning from conservative to Trump haters.


The 5th person of the 2020 group decided to run for Mayor, but didn't get her name on the ballot. Just before the election I saw a campaign sign for her for Mayor. 24% of the votes for Mayor were write-ins, so she probably did pretty good for not having her name printed. But there's no 2nd place prize for Mayor's office.


The political pundits were all predicting a Republican wave. Didn't happen. Even PA's Fetterman, who is more brain dead than Biden, got elected.