‘All Stakeholders’ Negotiations Can Succeed: Just Take Out Min Aung Hlaing



I have a similar thought. Just keep Suu Kyi out of the way and maybe people can negotiate. Or perhaps keep the General and the Lady both out of the way, for serious negotiations.


NUG's strategy for winning is to let others do their fighting for them. Even with all of the ethnics fighting on their side, they have zero chance of winning. This would be like Albania saying it can militarily defeat the US. Not in this millennium. So you're going to fight 1,000 years?


You can blame the generals for starting the war, but right now both sides are fighting. One of ASEAN's 5 points in its peace plan is to stop fighting. Without both sides stopping the fighting, you can just throw ASEAN's peace plan in the garbage. NUG doesn't want to stop fighting, so we're back to square one.


Since you can't get the two sides even talking to each other, I suggest that each side appoints a real nation to mentor for their interests, and have a very small group as a neutral intermediary to produce a compromise.


NUG's solution is to win the war, or to negotiate without the generals participating. OK. Happy new year!