American Deep State tries to start proxy war with Russia in Myanmar


Communist red flags are displayed everywhere in the resistance in Myanmar.


After defeating traditional Communism, the American Deep State decided that it likes Communism, because it helps the government control the otherwise free people. If that fails, the Deep State can rally the people around catastrophies, like the global warming scam they invented, or the Covid disease that they financially helped the Chinese create in their virological warfare lab.


The global warming fraud has been gradually falling apart under its own idiocy, but they've been able to interest the Democrats in old fashioned Communism. And America pushed Ukraine into pissing off the Russians, thus the current Ukrainian war. (Send Kamala Harris to Ukraine to tell the Ukrainians they must join NATO).


Recently armed with American taxpayer money for non-violent assistance to Myanmar, the American Deep State is already trying to use it to dare Russia into fighting a proxy war in Myanmar.


"In an exclusive interview with the VOA, the Consultant of the US Foreign Department claimed that the United States would double their assistance for Myanmar people if Russia gave more support to the military junta."


We're already seeing American tax dollars at work in Myanmar:


"Derek Chollet, Counsellor of the US Foreign Department, stated that the United States had been contacting ethnic organizations in addition to the NUG and they had been carrying out activities for the provision of assistance in accordance with Burma Act contained under the NDAA-(National Defense Authorization Act) signed by US President Biden."


Russia is too busy with Ukraine to help much in Myanmar. One proxy war at a time. China likes to think of itself as Myanmar's friend. Perhaps they can help Myanmar fight the rebels. The American Deep State doesn't see any need to refer to Congress to double America's "aid" to Myanmar. Maybe they can incite World War III?


The American Deep State: You can tell a snake by its hiss.