US Congress RI-1

David Cicilline is the current Congressman representing RI-1 in the US House of Representatives. He is retiring May 31st, to take up a new position at quadruple the pay. A special election will be held after this date. I will not run in this special election. Never play the game by the other guy's rules.


In this election, I would effectively be running against the US Deep State. Even if I won the election, there would still be the matter of tallying the votes. I am more likely to trust the accuracy of a Burmese election under the generals. The generals can be coaxed into having a fair election. The American Deep State is miles behind in this regard.


I am coaxing Allan Fung to seek this position. Rhode Island is a small state, and Allan can meet the residency requirements for RI-1, if he so desires.


My plate is full. I am currently researching a book on my father's activities in WW II. While my father's role in an episode was small, the old WW II Allies have tried very hard to keep the adventure out of the history books, to the extent of lying about it in the official narrative. It's the stuff movies are (and have been) made of, if movie producers are willing to take the chance of the Deep State burning their movie studios down. So I have to get the story irrefutably correct. This takes time.


And I'm trying to help straighten out the Myanmar mess. Easier said than done.


As for politics, I'm looking at taking on Sheldon Whitehouse for Senator in 2024, largely to make the climate change scam disappear. But the climate change story is so blatantly bullshit, that the narrative may fall apart on its own. But, then again, people are still waiting for the second coming of Christ, which is 2,000 years overdue.


My recent blogs have mostly been about Myanmar. The generals have historically been running to the Russians, who are still by their side. They have also been reaching out to  their neighboring countries, who, so far, have been in no hurry to give them a hand. The NLD has been seeking out the US, which is probably the stupidest thing they can do. (If you thought the generals were bad...) This sets up a US/Russian proxy war, which the US isn't shying away from. There are no winners in such a war, and the Burmese would most clearly be the losers.


I have my own peace strategy. We shall see.