Junta Watch: Regime Finds a Friend on Global Stage

"Myanmar ambassador to China U Tin Maung Swe and his Guinea-Bissau counterpart Antonio Serifo Embalo sign a joint statement to establish diplomatic ties at the Myanmar Embassy in Beijing on March 6."




China is expressing its disapproval of the Burmese revolutionary NUG (National Unity Government) pseudo government cozying up to the American Deep State in Washington DC. The Burmese NUG barely (at best) knows what it's doing, so the Chinese have to treat them like children, so this is only symbolic (but real) criticism from China. All of this is lost to the Irrawady digital newspaper, or they wouldn't have published it. The Irrawady hates the formal military government in Myanmar (f/k/a Burma).


NUG is fighting the professional Burmese army using weapons that are barely more advanced than bows and arrows, yet they think they can win. It can happen. 2,000 years ago a Roman legion got wiped out by a more primitive army in a German forest when the Roman leadership got lazy and careless. The NUG civilian government is similarly made of amateurs. Underdogs can win, so the Chinese want to be on NUG's good side. But China doesn't want NUG getting too close to the US. If it does, you will see China snuggling up closer to the formal military Burmese government.