Farcical summit won’t save Biden or democracy



The American people believe in democracy. Unfortunately, the Deep State, which rules them, doesn't. They believe in 2 things: winning, and making it look good.

I haven't asked him, but the author of the "Farcical Summit" article would probably agree with me, along with an increasing percent of the American people, and probably the population of the EU as well.


The Deep State uses US taxpayer money to censor and control the American people. Instead of the law-breaking Deep State going to jail, they become announcers on CNN and similar. While I have been trying to hold them accountable, they will probably successfully whack me first.


Trump wasn't supposed to win the 2016 election, and the Deep State still harasses him for it. They're currently trying to put him in jail because an associate of his paid off a blackmailer. In the perverted Deep State characterization of this, the payment was a political campaign donation which should have been reported. This could be construed as a bookkeeping error, but the Deep State wants to prosecute Trump for having committed the crime of the century.


Suu Kyi has been facing a situation just as ludicrous. The difference is that she doesn't have the wits to negotiate her way out of a paper bag, so she sits in a jail cell and doesn't want to participate in the next election. The self appointed NUG, who rule for life, are following her orders, and this is sad.


What matters in politics is not the theoretical right and wrong of things, it is what you can put on the table. Food? The only thing that NUG can deliver is dead bodies. But that's OK. All of the dead bodies are the other guy's fault. The other side produces massacres, while their own murderous thugs are furthering the will of the people. Another 100 Years War? It's OK, NUG is in the right. And the socialist flakos in the EU and US have her back, at least to the extent that they wag their fingers at Myanmar's military.