Deep State

NUG may think I'm an apologist for the military regime.


Personally I'm mad at Suu Kyi, because she threw  her bit of influence behind Obama to try to get Hillary elected. Obama was in the final stages of trying to enact into law, the US  Deep States' take over of the US Government.


It sounds so theoretical, but it isn't.


Myanmar's Deep State appears to be solidly under the control of The General. In the US, the central government is under the control of the Deep State, and Biden is just a puppet. This was happening with the perhaps unwitting support of Suu Kyi. She helped set American democracy backwards 200 years. There's just enough democracy left in America for Americans to start to realize it. Trump didn't know the story until he got thoroughly rolled by it. But Trump is evil, isn't he? No, that perception is just because the Deep State doesn't like him. I wonder why.


My view of America's Deep Staters is that they're walking pieces of puke, to be polite. Instead of being in jail or shot for treason, they appear on news sites such as CNN, spouting as reality the Deep States' carefully crafted set of lies. Their philosophy is that if you repeat a lie often enough, it will become accepted as truth. Look at global warming. You believe in it? It isn't because you heard real scientists really debate it.


Myanmar's Deep State is better for the people than that of the US. Myanmar's is under the control of one person, and he isn't stupid. It may be difficult to obtain a satisfactory conclusion, but you can reason with him. With NUG, anybody can make any claims they want, and assassinate people just upon an ill-defined postulated crime of theirs. This is just like the American Deep State. Rule of law? To quote a Bogart movie, "We don't need no stinking badges." They can cover up anything they want after the fact.


I believe the General can be nudged into accommodating more freedom's for the people. And you won't get this result by killing his supporters.