Trump VP Thoughts

The American Deep State appears to be in the early stages of ditching Biden for re-election in 2024. The Wall Street Journal was bragging that it posted an earlier tweet than CBS's story about the DOJ (Department of Jayoes) internal obstruction of the investigation of Hunter Biden and family's profiting off of Joe Biden's foreign influence. What did Americans get for the money received by the Bidens from China, Ukraine, and Russia? Covid-19 and the Russian/Ukrainian War. Maybe the Deep State thought they could do better. Two major main stream news organizations starting to turn against the Bidens probably requires a nod of approval from the Deep State.


Trump should probably adjust. I had previously suggested DeSantis being Trump's VP running mate. Here are 2 more suggestions for Trump's VP.


RFK Jr: His fame is taking on the recently developed American Covid bureaucracy. Fauci & Company insisted they had all of the answers, before they could even figure out what all the questions were. And they helped cover for China on the release of the virus into the public. RFK Jr took issue with this, and was branded by the Deep State as an extremist spreading disinformation. And RFK Jr is probably mad at the Deep State for whacking his uncle in 1963. Right now RFK Jr is running as a Democrat. He could easily turn into a Republican.


And so could Joe Manchin, a Democrat trying to tread the middle ground with the Republicans. If Trump offered Manchin the Vice Presidency, I don't think it would take long for him to become a Republican. And this could also create some fun in the Senate. And make him more easily re-electable if he chose to do so.


2 possible Veeps that could counter anything the Deep State could throw at Trump.


Think about it, Donald.