Montana court rules for young people in landmark US climate trial


The American Deep State should be sent to jail en masse. Then we won't have these JO's destroying free elections (they're now selections) and we can replace "experts", whose only real skill is pleasing the Deep State. Let's use genuine scientists again. Then climate "science", which wouldn't pass a grade school science test, will whither on the vine without the Deep State to promote it, and science and elections can turn real again.


And just when is the CIA going to de-classify details of how it whacked JFK, info which it was supposed to release decades ago? They whacked JFK, and they can whack you too. Or maybe they'll just commission the Chinese to sloppily explore a new virus. Always keep the populace afraid of the next crisis, for which only the Deep State is allowed to provide experts, like Fauci. Even the Main Stream Media is starting to abandon this scenario.


And it's time for the senile grifter to go.