Covid lessons for climate action


Al Gore picked a winner. After the Deep State realized that no one believed them that the world almost ran out of extractable oil in the 1970s, as we were thought to be heading back to the cold part of the Ice Age, that we're currently in, the world got a little warmer. This marked the end of the Little Ice Age starting around 1850.


New science allowed layers of Antarctic and Greenland ice to be analyzed. Those pioneering this at first said that the world getting warmer coincided with increasing CO2. Close enough for the climate crazies. Humans were increasing the world's CO2, causing the world to heat up.


A decade or so later improved science showed that the CO2 increased, on average, 800 years AFTER the world heats up, which is common sense: oceans heating up. Ever boil water? But the climate modelers created their models already. But just because you can put in negative number for "time" in an equation doesn't mean you can make time go backwards.


But climate change allows self declared experts to regulate energy, the driving force of modern civilization. Think of it being like the Mafia making everyone think that water was incredibly scarce, so they can sell it to you.


Trillions of dollars spent to try to keep the world cool. But the world has been in an Ice Age for the last few million years. This has been running in cycles of around 100,000 years, 20,00 hot and 80,000 cold. We're currently 17,000 years through the hot cycle. And the climate crazies want to keep it cold. This is like trying to sell broken refrigerators to Eskimos.


But why? Why did the US pay China to develop Covid-19? They could have competently researched it themselves. Why? Look what happened. "Experts" with no real information pushed their solutions on you. The free press was largely shut down to stop "disinformation". Aw, but it was worth it for the Deep States of the world. Covid-19, climate change: now the gods of the Deep State can take charge as the masters of the world. And it only costs trillions of dollars.


Bow down and worship them! NOW!