New York judge rules Trump committed fraud while building real estate empire


After Biden's bed bug squads go to work on Trump, his real estate empire won't be worth 29 cents.


Did the corrupt US judicial system ever find JFK's killer? They should have asked this guy: Former head of counterintelligence at the CIA, the real rulers of the USA.


In running for President, Trump is really running against these sorts of people at the Deep State. The CIA isn't authorized to spy on Americans. Right! Ask General Flynn about that. General Flynn tried to put the Deep State under the control of the President, and the Deep State bankrupted Flynn, having to fight frivolous lawsuits. Instead, now we have Joe Biden, a senile grifter, dancing on the Deep State's puppet strings. But Biden isn't too worried, as long as he can make it look good. Just as long as his own people count the votes.