Top US military officer steps down with 'dictator' swipe at Trump


I agree with Trump. Half of the countries on the earth would have shot Milley for treason.


This is a good example to try to convince Kim of North Korea not to go nuclear. It's to prevent people like Milley from blowing up the world.


In the 1940s, peacetime President Truman reincarnated the US's OSS spy agency, now named the CIA. The CIA's specialty is creating coupes in foreign countries. Vietnam? The CIA pushed its puppet dictator into such incredibly bad decisions that it started a war.


The regular military is currently second place in the REAL WORLD chain of command, behind the CIA. In theory, the President rules all.


The CIA is only authorized to gather, interpret, and disseminate foreign (non US) intelligence. And it has muscled itself in to displace our regular Democracy. Hitler would have been proud.


JFK assassination? James Angleton, head of CIA counterintelligence, said he never heard of the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, before the assassination. Maybe that's because, instead, he had been reading reports of Oswald's actions for the previous 4 years, the reports delivered directly to his desk and excluded from regular CIA files. With JFK whacked, LBJ was more amenable to kicking up a big war in Viet Nam.


Trump's General Flynn was starting to take charge of the Deep State for Trump, per the US Constitution, but the Deep State railroaded Flynn with a phony lawsuit, the way the Democrat lawyers are trying to knock Trump out of politics right now.


Crime: Trump overvalued, on paper, some of his properties. But Trump says he can sell those properties for those prices. Crime: only a criminal could do that.


Only the President can authorize launching nuclear weapons. The next step in the process is for the top guy in the military, General Milley, to start the process of executing the order. Out of nowhere, Milley publicly states that if Trump launches a nuclear strike, he will tell China first.


Nobody was talking about China nor nuclear strikes. Milley brought up the topic. Trump couldn't do anything about this. The Deep State had pushed such a villainous image of Trump onto the public, that if Trump joined in the discussion, the Deep State would have replaced Trump in a coup. This is the CIA's area of expertise.


This gives us an uncertain nuclear chain of command. In the theoretical chain of command, the president is number one and Milley is number two. In the real world, the Deep State acts as if they are in control. Milley says he won't immediately execute orders. If another country were to start nuking America, America would be arguing chain of command issues while the world got blown up. This gives every nuclear country a free pass to nuke the US without expectation of a sufficiently responsive reply. So the world gets blown up because Milley wants to play games with nuclear bombs.


I just love you Milley.


And North Korea wants to go nuclear?