Courting votes: a campaign like no other for Defendant Trump


The American Deep State perfected this technique a few years ago. Trump was going to have his General Flynn as head of the intelligence community, as lawfully he should have been. The Deep State refused to have a boss, so they bankrupted Flynn in legally defending semi-frivolous lawsuits. The Deep State won. Flynn disappeared from the scene, and it was back to business as normal for the Deep State. No one was going to be in charge of them.


Having a boss doesn't keep the Deep State from ignoring all the laws that it wants to, but it does make them legally accountable to the laws. They have to try harder in breaking them. JFK tried to hold the CIA accountable, and they whacked him for it. It looked like a CIA convention in Dallas when they whacked him.


Russia solved their Deep State problem years ago, by making Putin, their Deep State head, as also head of their civilian government.


What we're seeing with Trump is death by 1,000 lawsuits.