‘Extreme drought’ in Iraq, Iran and Syria blamed on climate change



The "Fertile Crescent" has been drying out for thousands of years. Why should it stop now?


Climate change is dependent upon weak minds, bad science, and fraudsters. The fraudsters are the Deep States of the western "democracies". The CIAs of the world feel it necessary to keep people in a constant state of paranoia that only they can protect them from. The solution: "OBEY, OBEY, OBEY!"


Ultimately, climate change is dependent on a simple model, that they intentionally got backwards a few decades ago: steam coming out of a pot of boiling water. Their model is that the steam causes the pot to boil. An inconvenient truth deliberately mis-analyzed by the global warmers looking at the geological records of CO2 and temperature. Historically, the rise in CO2 happens, on average, 800 years AFTER the increase in temperature. Oh, it's just  "FEEDBACK MECHANISM".


And if you vote wrong, they can correct that situation and create a custom-designed "Warren Commission" to explain. And if you believe the Warren Commission, you're a sucker to believe in climate change.