Crippled US moon landing mission carrying human remains to crash to Earth


Of course I was being satirical in my last post about the malfunctioning moon lander. The CIA tries not to use its own gunmen when it whacks people.


Americans have tried to figure out what happened in the JFK assassination. Those who come too close to the truth have had difficulties staying alive themselves.


No, it didn't take 21 guns to kill JFK. The best reconstruction of the event that I've seen has it using 3 separate firing squads from 3 locations. There were so many Deep Staters in on it, that dozens, if not hundreds, of people would go to jail for a very long time if they got convicted for the assassination itself, or its cover up. It seems that JFK was about the only person that they didn't tell to duck.


I'm researching a book about my father's actions in WW II. He never told his story, but I dug it out of history one little piece at a time. The man who coordinated the "play"'s activity was a British spy who had to run to the Soviet Union, his true allegiance. His best friend was in DC's CIA. After costing a multitude of deaths, he was forced out of the CIA, and was figured to be working for the Soviets. He was later figured to be the brains behind the JFK assassination. My thought is that maybe he wasn't working for the Soviets, but that they were working for him. Effectively the ruler of the world in 1963.


Bottom line is that the Deep State is more powerful than it was in 1963, and they have never liked me. We will see if I live to see my book published. I owe it to my father.