Bishop’s Opening for a New UN Approach to Myanmar?


The usefulness of Julie Bishop is that there's a good chance that all of the important parties are willing to deal with her. If you can talk with each other, you can solve problems.


Mathieson, the author of the article, suggests including taking on climate change, also. The sole value of climate change is that it provides an excuse for the "experts" of the Deep States of the world to invent a crisis, that only they can solve, so we need them. This way, they won't feel compelled to release another new virus on the world.


Climate change is so quacky, that the politicians who control the media won't let it be argued by real scientists.


It's like using Santa Claus for income re-distribution or giving speeding tickets to storks for traveling too fast delivering babies. I'm not waiting for Myanmar's new Buddha statue to get up and start dancing around.


Welcome Julie Bishop to a tough job. Let's see what you can do.