No Use

I'm no fan of the UN. People with small brains and big egos who insist on doing everything the proper way: their way.


The US Deep State tricked China into researching Covid-19. Of course the Chinese made a big mess of everything. China doesn't want to be blamed for it, nor the US Deep State. Of course the fact that the outbreak started outside the door of a virological warfare lab was just coincidence.


The Deep State accomplished its goal of ascertaining its expertise on an important matter that it knows nothing about, to control people. Good going, Deep State. When people finally accept that Climate Change is 100% hogwash, the Deep State will have perfected the process of getting the public to accept each and every lie that they tell them. And the UN  is 100% behind the process. Those damned bats are migrating again!


Isn't it great having the peons accept their rulers wholeheartedly?


Suu Kyi accepts this process, not from malevolence, but because she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Her spreading her wisdom put a few extra nails in strengthening the foundation of the US Deep State. She's not the only one who dodges bullets. And I feel a little bit safer having her in jail.


But Myanmar offers the chance for a government to get done right. In opposite directions, maybe, but Suu Kyi is a good offset for the Generals. I really wouldn't want to live in a land controlled by either of them. But together, they offset each other.


American government was created on that premise of offsets. But absolute power corrupts absolutely, and America has spent too many decades under the boot of its own Deep State. Myanmar has the opportunity to develop a government offering a brighter future.


The UN's Julie Bishop doesn't offer solutions. She offers a person that all sides can deal with. The world largely blames the generals in this civil war. But the biggest problem is that Suu Kyi only listens to the echoes of her own voice. Bishop looked like she was going to have an orgasm in meeting with Suu Kyi. So maybe the two can get along enough for there to develop serious solutions to the civil war.


The highest skill of a salesperson is to be able to open the doors to meet with their prospects. If the generals can accommodate this, maybe there will be peace.