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Climate change 'threatens food security'


I don't like calling people "idiots", but sometimes it is difficult to ignore the obvious. Read George Orwell's book "1984" before you decide to believe anything you read in the press. Orwell's fictional world has largely come true.


Half of the world doesn't believe in climate change: China pretends to believe, like a child says he believes in Santa Clause, to get Christmas presents from their parents. "Behave, or nothing from Santa for you!" Russia doesn't believe. American Republicans don't believe.


My experience with the ideology started in the 1970s. Back then everyone thought the world was getting colder, and sinking into the Ice Age. It's actually been in the Ice Age for the past several million years. It runs in cycles of warmth and coldness, but usually cold. We just happen to be in a warm part of the cycle now. Thankfully the world warmed up since around 1950. Then the liberal scare became "global warming".


Back in the 1970s, the solution to the oncoming "Ice Age" was to use fossil fuels to heat the world. But the leftist think tank, "The Club of Rome" said that the world was running out of oil, and wrote the popular book "The Limits of Growth" to highlight this. Modern descriptions of the episode are currently heavily censored by the liberal press. I was starting to study Geology, and knew that running out of oil was complete nonsense. Plenty of oil is there, if its price supports the cost of extraction.

This could become a problem very many generations after I'm dead, which the American Deep State continuously tries to hasten.


Well, the weather turned warmer, and the Deep State/left changed the concept to global warming. This was based upon scientific advancements allowing analysts of ancient ice contained in the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica. Parameters of air content could be read from individual ice layers, and sequenced like tree rings. Initial analysis determined that CO2 content increased simultaneous with Global warming. Al Gore made his famous "An Inconvenient Truth" movie to sensationalize this "global warming". This theory was already refuted before the movie hit the streets.


Further refinements in scientific analysis showed that the CO2 increased, on average, 800 years after the global warming. Any little kid watching a kettle of water boil on the stove could have guessed this, but global warming as a cult had begun already. Mathematical models, unsupported  by real life observance, became all of the craze. Sloppy measurements of temperature and biased interpretations of the data supported the modelers.


The Deep State got excited about creating government "experts" to control the people, based upon what was now called "climate change", after the theoretical models couldn't support the concept of global warming. As good as the models have gotten requires them to add numerical constants for "fine tuning" the model. In other words, the models don't work until you include a shot of reality from the real world. The same number for fine tuning? Nope, they just are numbers plugged in, without any real justification, to make that particular climate change model sort of work. Thing of it like weighing yourself on a scale, with an artificial number thrown in to get your proper weight.


See "Climate Reality" on my website for similar analysis of climate change. Perhaps the biggest problem is unstated. Nobody has demonstrated any real link between man's activities and changes in the climate.