Biden repeats false claim that inflation was at 9% when he took office after being called out last week


Joe Biden hasn't got the wits to originate an obviously false claim like this. This has to be from his Deep State bosses.


Here's my guess as to their strategy. They derive perhaps ten difficult to quickly refute direct lies that Biden can use in his campaign messaging. Save the best lies for the Presidential debates. The difficult part is that Biden has to memorize these lies and repeat them without Kamala Harris style word salad.


Develop a bunch of Deep Staters or left wingers who can jump at a moment's notice to quickly support these lies. The substantiations have to be solid enough to last until the November elections. After that it doesn't matter. For the Presidential debates the moderator can steer Biden towards these lies. If necessary, they can come up with a numbering system for the lies. The moderator can easily do this without looking abnormal. If discovered after the fact, the lies can be called "talking points".


The 9% inflation statement I view to be the Deep State testing the practicality of such a strategy. Biden wouldn't be open to debating without a method of cheating the process.


Joe Biden will have to stay away from the media when he's practicing, so nobody catches him looking like this: