Stephanopoulos: ‘Deep State Is Packed with Patriots’


The American Deep State is extremely similar to the Nazi police state. The main difference is that the Nazi groups largely had to follow laws. When they killed people, it was typically lawful. While the American Deep State is supposed to follow laws, they are largely ignored, and they're very seldom held accountable for this. The more unlawful they are, the more likely they are cited as "experts" on MSM. They are sort of like the pirates of hundreds of years ago.


The SS of the Nazis were very patriotic too. Perhaps Stephanopoulis is trying too hard to emulate the Nazi's propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, and not enough to show his allegiance to the American people. The American Deep State doesn't believe in democracy (except elections that they win), does Stephanopoulis? Whose side are you on?


What if you ask your Deep State friends to give us some real info about the JFK assassination? The American people have always been fascinated about who the Umbrella Man was, who signaled everyone to start shooting. Is the Deep State going to own up to whacking JFK, and many others? Americans aren't people who exist just for the Deep State to shoot for sport, like ducks.