A small Slovak assassination bid; few hurt



I don't believe one word I read about the Fico assassination. It seems that Western Europe was super prepared for it, telling everybody not to release disinformation about it. My guess is that the Western Deep States decided not to whack Trump, but collectively, as a second best, they tried to whack Fico as a warning to Trump.


Symbolically this is set up for Britain to take the fall. Much of the time, the Deep States of the world will deny their involvement in nasty deeds, but symbolically acknowledge them. Fico was reportedly whacked by someone from Ledice, Slovakia.


During Woirld War II, Britain dropped hit men into Czechoslovakia and assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, an executive level Nazi earning the hatred of all of the Allies. When he died of his wounds, Hitler went ape shit. Among his reprisals, he eliminated the Czech town of Lidice, right off the map. Name sound familiar? Now just because everyone's going to think of Britain, doesn't mean they had anything to do with Fico. But when he was shot, Western Europe became very happy.


As for this article, it says that JFK's assassination "might have caused the Third World War if the CIA had concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald, his assassin, had been acting on Moscow's orders." Who do you think murdered JFK? Oswald shooting one rifle? He hadn't fired a rifle all day long: he didn't have have the gunpowder traces on him from that. There are very many other problems with the Oswald story. But there is one thing in common between the Oswald and Fico stories: the media immediately knew everything about the assassins, even though neither person was well known to the media beforehand.


James Angleton, the CIA's head of "counterintelligence" (assassinations, etc.), is widely thought to have masterminded the JFK assassination. There were so many people involved that Hollywood started filming the cover up story of the assassination ("Robin and the Seven Hoods") before JFK even got whacked. There was too much for the CIA to coordinate.


Worrying about people blaming the Soviets? The CIA may not have realized it at the time, but the CIA later accused Angleton of being a Soviet agent with the CIA, and he was fired. It is thought that Oswald was designed to be the fall guy for whacking Castro, but Angleton re-purposed him. This may have spared World War III.


It's just great for the CIA that they supposedly can't figure out the JFK assassination. (What? They lost their notes on who was ordered to do what?) So they can continue threatening to murder any politician they want. Fico? Who knows! And you don't have to be a politician for them to murder you. They just kill people out of habit.