Putin Wants Ceasefire Which Freezes Current Lines In Ukraine



In WW I, the French generals hadn't learned how to cope with machine guns and tanks. Their soldiers got killed so quickly, they went into open mutiny. If Germany realized this on a timely basis, they could have quickly scooped up the whole French Army in victory. In WW II, the French generals had been almost as clueless as they had been in the previous war, and were conquered quickly by the Germans.


In the US a few years ago, Stinking Blinken got the Deep State to con the American voting public, collecting 51 signatures of "experts" to say that Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop was a Russian phony, which it wasn't. So, instead of going to jail, for all of Joe Biden's corruption which it documented, Joe Biden was elected President, and Stinking Blinken was appointed Secretary of State.


If their job was to sell the Brooklyn Bridge a few times, they are particularly qualified. But at protecting America's foreign interests, even The Three Stooges could do better. (Maha, Aha...). President Biden has so alienated Israel that the US has to spend $320 million to build a floating pier to deliver American aid, and then the pier just floats away?




If Biden was President in WW II, we'd all be speaking German and Japanese by now. Before it becomes Russian instead, tell Ukraine to accept the Russian peace offer, before the price goes up.