An Open Letter to Countries Backing NUG and PDF Groups’ Acts of Terrorism


NUG has placed much of their efforts in trying to draw the American government to their side. America is great with public relations, because the government (= Deep State) largely controls the media. (The only reason that climate change isn't often openly laughed at.) (Fox News quickly self censored an earlier version of this article that noted that the CBS interviewer laughed in the face of the US Transportation Secretary when he blamed Biden Administration problems on climate change. And the Deep State is basically Democrat, because the Deep State has realized that Socialists are easier to control than Republicans. Free elections? The Deep State is openly discussing what epidemic to unleash upon the people to interfere with the next American elections. Getting wise to this, the Republicans are starting to think that they too can stuff ballot boxes.


The reality of the situation is that Suu Kyi is like a movie star to both Democrats and

Republicans in America, and any conservatives in Myanmar will be openly discriminated against in America until she passes away. Western Europe is largely the same way.


ASEAN countries have been largely showing the same effect. But they are starting to realize that the generals aren't the only ones who can sin. I would place my efforts seeking peace largely with ASEAN input.


There are reasons for countries to unify. War is a prominent one. Patriotism is probably the most desirable reason. Then there is the concept of government as a service. This was largely the reason that the American colonies unified in the 18th century, that a government can do best that which individual citizens can't do by themselves. Building roads, for instance. Myanmar perhaps should look at this concept.


NUG has assumed that it is going to waltz right in when the military throws down their arms. Hasn't happened. The Spring Revolution is morphing into the 100 Years War. NUG figured it would just assume the same governmental structure of their predecessors. Bad strategy. Where the business was of a restaurant size before, the patrons are now looking for a hot dog stand. Socialism isn't good at coping with changes. If NUG is to attain any permanency, it will have to right-size its product. Or, better yet, come to terms with the generals and form a unified government.