Washington Calls on Myanmar Junta to End Violence, Release Political Prisoners



With the US Deep State taking an interest in ASEAN and Myanmar, Myanmar's possibilities become rather limited. It is a blessing to Myanmar that the American Deep State has its hands full with Ukraine.


There is much more potential to get an honest American actor with the US by having Trump as President, which, if the Deep State doesn't whack him first, should happen in November. Biden is going senile, and is crooked as the letter S. The American people are increasingly realizing this, and, IF the Deep State allows fair elections, you will see Trump become President. Don't let the Deep State crooks make a mess of things first.


Whacking whoever they want and trying to invent crimes to charge Trump with, the American Deep State is in no position to lecture Myanmar. But yes, in Myanmar both sides should scale down the violence, and the formal regime should start making plans for the release of political prisoners.