NUG President Calls for International Action to Stop Myanmar Junta Killing


NUG  complains about "war crimes" of the Myanmar military, then in their "Spring Revolution Daily News"

which they publish in Mizzima they brag about the civilians they themselves have murdered.


Their appeals to foreign nations for help are answered by politicians with flowery language. But if things get to practical help, NUG gets to interact with everyone's Deep States. Each nation will have its own list of people they want to whack.


To keep the lists small, NUG should just deal with one nation. Tell Britain that you couldn't handle it on your own, and ask to be a British colony again. Give them 100 year lease on Burma, as in Hong Kong, to give you time to get your act together. It may sound like a smart ass solution, but it would be more humane than what we're staring at now.