Republican running for US House RI-1 in 2022


The military would call David Cicilline a target-rich environment. Brevity:

David Cicilline's dad was the lawyer for Raymond Patriarca, former head of the New England Mafia. Remember when the US government wouldn't let John Gotti's lawyer represent Gotti because they thought the lawyer to be part of Gotti's criminal organization? That was because FBI wiretaps showed the lawyer to be coordinating mob affairs between the Gotti gang and the New England mob. And who was Gotti's lawyer dealing with? David Cicilline's father:


David Cicilline became a lawyer like his dad and his brother, now out of jail. David had a "teflon" dad. Nothing stuck, almost also true of Gotti.

David Cicilline's first job as a lawyer was as a Washington DC Public Defender. There he defended those accused by the government, his services paid for by tax payers.  Wikipedia now says he worked there "for a while". David, just how long was that?

All right, he's not dad. He just became a lawyer, like dad.

Where is David's power from? Having been Mayor of Providence. Isn't the New England Mafia headquartered in Providence? Right.

David was trying to sell the "family" Providence building at 381 - 387 Atwells Avenue (just down the street from Patriarca's old Coin-O-Matic mob headquarters). The Cicilline building was purchased from the same crowd, and has its own infamous "Heritage".

Cicilline said he's refusing money from PACs. Open Secrets says he received $352,351 from PACs last election cycle. Oh, that promise was not to accept money from business PACs. That was only $95,500 of it. Let's see if he gives it back. Right!