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Read my article on climate change. The CO2 people didn't tell us what real gloom and doom looks like. It's call the Ice Age. We're currently in one of its scarcer warm periods. This is standard Geology.

We are paying extra money in our utility bills to limit CO2 in the air. This is like taxing Americans to fill in the Grand Canyon.

I like renewable energy. Oil and gas may last us hundreds of years, and coal thousands, but they will become increasingly expensive.

My favorite alternative is geothermal. Yellowstone National Park is sitting on the caldera of a monster volcano. Many thousands of years from now it will erupt and wipe out most of the US, but let’s enjoy it while we can. Let’s join with Iceland, the geothermal leader, and figure the best ways to sip the heat and energy out of the Yellowstone caldera and similar hot spots in the US.

Solar and wind aren’t 24 hour a day sources, and require massive electrical storage batteries. Most solar and wind projects are subsidized by increasing your utility bills. I’d rather money be spent on pure research, so that solar and wind may emerge as independently economically viable.

Nuclear: I don’t want to poison the earth with massive de-commissioned concrete nuclear reactors that can’t be touched for thousands of years. Instead of the current nuclear fission technology, I welcome research into developing potentially clean nuclear fusion energy.

And download my CLIMATE REALITY article.