Republican running for US House RI-1 in 2022


It is noble to feed, clothe and house the needy. And it is noble to pay for this. But it isn’t noble to require others to pay for this.

If you take in a stray dog or cat, you have a new pet. If you take in dozens of stray dogs and cats, you have the animal control officer at your door, talking of animal cruelty, because you can’t handle them all. You can’t just export them as third world food stuffs. But you can stop taking them in.

America was populated by immigrants, so America has a place in its heart for them. But there’s no more free land to set up homesteads. The US Constitution grants rights to American citizens, not foreigners. America has the right to decide who it wants to accept as potential new citizens, and this should be based mostly upon positive criteria. America can still accept others, but this should be at the discretion of America.

Step one is to close the borders to illegal immigrants. Step two is to decide who we want to bring in to America. Step three is to decide how we want to handle those already illegally in America.

If someone breaks into your house and leaves his kids behind, are you forced to house, clothe, feed and educate them forever? NO! The US has enough bills to pay, without taking on those of others. Heartless, I know. But think of those high payroll taxes that you pay. It is one thing for America to be generous, and something quite different to be taken advantage of because of this. And these people die in the deserts, and are robbed and raped by human traffickers.  This isn’t the best way to do things.

What do you do with existing illegal immigrants? Give them a choice. For a period of time, perhaps 3 months, they can register with the government. They must be forthcoming with their personal histories. Attempts will be made to re-connect relatives and establish family units. Charities and religious organizations will be encouraged to help in this effort, and will be heavily relied upon for the ultimate disposition of refugees. They will sponsor the people. Do you want to help humanity? We have a project for you! This is similar to reuniting refugees with their relatives at the end of World War II. Anyone who doesn’t register will be subject to deportation, at the discretion of the government. And we’ll find a way to cope with those willing to play the game, the game of becoming real Americans.