Republican running for US House RI-1 in 2022


Traditional marriages support a sane and stable society, and should always be encouraged.

People should be allowed to live alternative lifestyles, to the extent that they don’t force them on to others. Men are men, women are women, and if you have this figured differently, don’t tell the kids until they get older. They have the right not to have their minds messed with. They may get exposed to life's alternatives, but alternative ideas should not be forced upon them, particularly in schools.

Abortions should be available, but neither encouraged nor subsidized. The rights of the mother compete with the rights of the unborn child. I don't have the wisdom to know the perfect balance, but acknowledge that at some point in time, before actual birth, the unborn child's rights become an overwhelming factor. I am passionate for the rights of both the pregnant woman AND the potential child, but defer to the medical community as to where to strike the balance between the two.