Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley has officially dropped out of the Republican Presidential race. Now Trump doesn't have as huge of a target painted on his back, from the Deep State. But the primaries gave the Democrats a chance to test market Haley as a Democrat.


The Democrats are going to have to do something about Biden. Compliments of Biden, nobody believes main stream media any more, as they've covered up for him for several years now. Even his son, Hunter, is sweating, walking a fine line covering for his dad, and staying out of jail on perjury charges.


Nikki Haley could run as a Democrat, but I don't think she will. But the Democrats' horse in the race, Joe Biden, can't win without some very fancy shenanigans from the Deep State.


Victoria Nuland is already going job hunting, leading the pack of the Deep Staters who hopefully will have to go looking, if Trump gets elected. She doesn't want to get the bill for a lost war in Ukraine. And Moldova is set to split apart. Aren't those Deep Staters clever? I wonder what they'll do now.