01. January 2022
10. December 2021
Sheldon Whitehouse goes back to lecturing on his climate fraud.
08. December 2021
My spare time? I'm helping OJ find the real slasher!
04. December 2021
My vision is back to normal. An interesting article. General Flynn guesses that QAnon is CIA counter intelligence against the American people. I had to think about this, but I agree.
28. November 2021
Los Angeles-area looters target Home Depot, Bottega Veneta stores on Black Friday: reports
In Demospeak, they are making unfunded purchases at a jewelry store.
08. November 2021
Watch: Biden Yells, Points At Reporter Who Calls Him Out For Lying About Payments To Illegals
Joe, Father of the Artist, Biden yells at reporter who seeks comment on his blatant lie about paying $450,000 each to illegal immigrants as damages for temporarily separating them from their children. If Hunter Biden goes to jail, let's hope Joe joins him.
21. October 2021
My suggestion is sending Coast Guard ships into the waters offshore of the ports, inventorying the details of the ships that are waiting to unload. Then start charging hefty ship waiting fees. They get their ships out of there, or it will start costing them serious money. It won't matter if they unload them at port, or travel back to China. Pretty soon people will find the extra money necessary to pay the overtime and weekend wages of the dock workers to get freight unloaded.
21. October 2021
The Chinese have a way of mocking the public's perception of them by pushing articles which are initially deemed too absurd to be true, that it will discredit people to quote them. After all, nobody's that evil, are they? I'm game. The Chinese leadership really is that evil.

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