15. August 2022
https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/putin-kim-leaders-worlds-most-sanctioned-countries-pledge-deeper-ties-against-hostile Let's see if Russia can keep North Korea out of mischief. Or is it the other way around? Russia doesn't want to see North Korea go nuclear. And North Korea wasn't likely to cozy up to the Biden administration. The other serious alternative would be for China to annex North Korea, Tibetan style. Kim's maneuver with Putin should save North Korea from such a fate.
13. August 2022
As usual, Sheldon Whitehouse re-invents reality.
09. August 2022
https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-accuses-biden-knowing-coordinated-attack-fbi-raid-mar-a-lago The FBI raid on Trump's home is just a few days after "US urges rejection of Myanmar junta 'sham' elections" https://www.mizzima.com/article/us-urges-rejection-myanmar-junta-sham-elections The US, in having Biden as President, is really no different than Burma's "democracy" situation for the last several decades. The real difference is in the mindset of the people. In reality, the Deep State has...
09. August 2022
ASEAN envoy picked to solve Myanmar problem: "I think that even Superman cannot solve the Myanmar problem."
07. August 2022
07. August 2022
I haven't seen any big announcement, but, according to Sara Miller, she is now the wife of James Woods.
31. July 2022
Part of the climate change crowd. Chop down on agriculture, because it releases ammonia into the air. The ammonia neutralizes CO2 and acid rain but, well, mankind causes it, so it must be evil. You can't win.
31. July 2022
RI Senator Sheldon Whitehouse gets special mention in the article, trying to enforce his Dark Deep State.
23. July 2022
A more sophisticated analysis.
16. July 2022
The effects of climate change. https://www.mizzima.com/article/sri-lankan-troops-stand-protestors-occupy-pms-office https://www.mizzima.com/article/sri-lankan-speaker-says-presidents-resignation-accepted

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