11. May 2022
Now called Myanmar. The name seems to have stuck. Let's push for peace.
31. March 2022
This is like Al Capone being charged with misspelling his name on his income tax return.
08. March 2022
26. February 2022
In other words, Russia can have Ukraine, but we'll get even by starting a long cold war.
26. February 2022
Joe Biden: "Bad Vladimir. Bad! No television for you after dinner tonight!"
26. February 2022
The West is unwilling to functionally support Ukraine.
13. February 2022
Allan Fung has declared that he is running for RI-2 in the US House of Representatives.
09. February 2022
The folks firing the missiles are those on Iran's team in the Yemeni war.
09. February 2022
Here is the Deep State spying on politicians they don't like.

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